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AVP stuudio provides localization and adaptation services like translation, subtitling and voicing into Estonian language of audiovisual content.

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Translation and subtitling

into Estonian and other languages like Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and other.

Audio and video works

voice-over and dubbing recordings (in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, English and other languages, employing native-language narrators), mixing, editing and sound design. STEREO and 5.1 formats. Video post-production, CGI and graphics.

Media works

Blu-ray, DCP, DVD and HD solutions, material conversion and rendering. Solutions for VOD platforms.

Translation and subtitling proportion in daily work 80%

Audio works proportion in daily work 60%

Video works proportion in daily work 40%

Media works proportion in daily work 70%

«A few words about us»

We work with film distributors and TV content distributors, television channels and networks, broadcasters, production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, media companies and private or public enterprises. Owing to our studio’s professional crew, editing and sound recording rooms, state-of-the-art technology and continued investments in its development, we are able to service several projects simultaneously.

— AVP stuudio team

Audio works or production of audio

Audio works or production of audio material includes adaptation of material, talent casting and voice recording (theatrical dubbing, professional off-screen narration (voice-over)) and sound mixing for theaters, radio, television and the internet for movies, video games, audio commercials, audio clips, audiobooks, audio guides, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and other. Output of audio material possible in many formats including in 5.1 and Stereo formats.

Subtitling services

Subtitling services includes translation from source language to target language, text editing, TV/2D/3D subtitles, text adaptation, transcription, subtitle file creation. Language specialists are professionals, skilled to use software and approved methods for verifying content to provide complete subtitling solution. We provide subtitling for broadcast, theatrical, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital cinema package, 3D, mobile, VOD and various online platforms.

Dubbing and voice-over

Dubbing and voice-over process: complete post-production dubbing and voice-over services from script translation and adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing, editing, copyrights and dubbing. Maintained database of voice actors and new talents. Dubbing and voice-over is applicable for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content, video games, e-learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, product trailers etc.

Rendering services

multiplex, mux and demux.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation and encryption - we can prepare audiovisual content for digital cinema. DCP is compatible with both SMPTE and Interop. Service includes converting your material to DCP format, including encrypted material intended for screening in digital cinemas, KDM encryption, preparing 3D video for movie theaters.

Conversion of audiovisual file formats

Conversion between different audiovisual file formats for Blu-ray, DVD and HD creation, VOD (video on demand) platforms and other.

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Reason why us

  • Owing to our studio’s professional crew, editing and sound recording rooms, state-of-the-art technology and continued investments in its development, we are able to service several projects simultaneously.
  • We have very high security standards, including physical access with personal electronical keys on the floor and each recording room.
  • We have 2 highly equipped studio including one full Theatrical dubbing recording studio.
We are always open to cooperation! Will be happy to hear from you, and welcome your questions and proposals.

Our Equipment

Professional and reliable

Range of microphones like Neumann U87Ai, Neumann TLM 103 and Audio-Technica AT4040 /// HD recording system: AVID Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase Pro /// Studio monitors: Dynaudio BM5A, Tannoy System 600A /// Additional software: Waves Audio, iZotope, NuGen, SPL plugins etc. /// Fully equipped workplaces for talents.

Our services

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Translation and subtitling

per signs or minutes
  • professionals language specialists
  • from any language
  • to any format
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Voice over

per piece or minutes
  • great pool of talents
  • professional equipment
  • any output format
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for professionals

for theatrical content
  • highest quality
  • best voice actors
  • high security standards
  • DCP on request
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Media works

solutions for:
  • DCP
  • Blu-ray, DVD and HD
  • VOD and other
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Team lead
Experienced producer, voice actor and sound engineer.

Erik Lill

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Fr. R. Faehlmanni 12, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 5552 8907; + 372 5620 9912